We offer an excellent product adapted to market needs, providing the coverage required by the spanish law RD 223/2004 of 6th February.
We arrange the insurance policy quickly and professionally.
CREDIT INSURANCE. ¿Are you worried about your clients in default?
In the long and deep economic crisis we are living today, the collection of invoices is a really important fact in our company.
Companies need to have guaranteed payments.
Grupo Muntadas has a great expertise in different issues about credit. It is for that we can offer an extra value and we can suit our customers´ needs through:
-Concrete coverage for different lines of business.
-Coverage depending on customers.
-Coverage depending on the risk level.
-Policies with margins automatic granting of risks
-Coverage maintaining internal risk management and large margins of automatic classification.
At this time we can confirm that the insurance market allows the right product for the needs of each company, with new solutions and alternatives.
Should you need further information, do not hesitate to contact us.