Clinical Trials

We offer new solutions in the insurance field of clinical trials.
Liability insurance for clinical trials is focused to the companies whose have to have an insurance policy (mandatory by RD 1090/2015 – Spanish Law- ) , and their staff (Researcher, health personnel, medical centers, general manager of the center).

We are researching the insurance market to get the best coverage and premiums. We have an important customers like a Laboratories, pharma companies, foundations and CRO.

The claims that have been done during the insurance period and the folowing 36 months after the clinical trial have been finished, are covered.

If you are a researcher, see our clause "professional negligence prejudices".

We have almost 70 years experience in the insurance industry and to serving our customers, our greatest value.

For further information about this solution, we would appreciate that you contact us by phone: (+34) 93 317 11 12, fax (+34) 93 301 15 40 or at:

We protect the abilities of the principal investigator in Clinical Trials

We offer a special coverage for free for liability insurance, with a great value.

We want to protect the principal researcher's talent, with an extra coverage called “professional negligence prejudices of others." (Only for Spanish Clinical Trials)

If the principal investigator is not directly guilty we offer a monthly allowance for possible loss of reputation.

For more information on this supplement, we suggest that you contact us by phone: (+34) 93 317 11 12, fax (+34) 93 301 15 40 or at: